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MoreSun is located in Upstate South Carolina. We cut our timber frames and build custom items in our two workshops. Our timber frame locations are where ever you are!

Once your timber frame has been cut and test fitted, we come to your site to raise it.

Timber framing
timber frame porch work
timber frame raising of pool pavilion

We will raise a timber frame anywhere you want!

MoreSun has a robust team of experienced and talented craftsmen who take pride in their work. We have raised timber frames for residential and commercial uses in many varied places, under extremely varied conditions. A barn raising in the snow in Indiana was followed six months later by a pool pavilion in Atlanta's August heat!

Timber frame locations can range from a suburban neighborhood to a remote mountain site. One of our raisings was on Dewees Island, accessible only by ferry. It just takes planning and experience! We're happy to talk to you about where ever you want your timber frame raised.

Below are states where we have recently raised a timber frame.  

Check out some prime areas in each of these states and see what we've been up to.

Don’t worry if your location isn’t listed – we enjoy checking out and working in new places.

Timber Frame Locations​