Fall 2020 Timber Tidbits

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Fall had us raising multiple timber frames, which is our favorite thing to do. Despite rain delays and a truck breakdown (fully loaded, of course) we kept to schedule with smiles on our faces.So, here’s a look at what’s new … Continued

Summer 2020 Timber Tidbits

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Summer has kept us busy in these still strange times. Between shop work and fairly local jobs we’ve been putting the new space and the sawmill to good use. So, here’s a look at what’s new ~The MoreSun Team Click … Continued

Antique Timbers – Character and Uniqueness

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Using antique timbers is a good way to add character and uniqueness in a newly constructed home. Combining these pieces of history with modern architecture gives a home a story, just waiting to be told. The visible axe strokes and … Continued

24 x 50 Barn Plans

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Introducing our 24 x 50 barn plans: This barn is designed to give you lots of options. The 1200 square foot ground level can be left wide open or divided into rooms or stalls. Whether you want to house animals, equipment, … Continued

Choosing a Finish for Your Timber Frame

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We are often asked for our recommendation on a finish for a timber frame. When choosing a finish for your timber frame, you should consider these points:First and foremost, do I want a finish applied?Is the finish nontoxic and environmentally … Continued

Spring 2020 Timber Tidbits

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Spring…..does the Grateful Dead lyric “What a long, strange trip it’s been” keep running through your head, or is it just me? We’ve been able to stay busy, widely spread out in our shop buildings, carefully venturing out, keeping everything … Continued

Historic Restoration – Church Steeple

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Historic restoration and preservation of timber framed structures is a timber framer’s dream job. Not only do we get to do timber frame work, we usually get access to parts of historic buildings not generally seen. The clock tower in … Continued