MORESUN has been fortunate to hire experienced and talented individuals
who are dedicated, hardworking, and focused on details. 


timber frame guild project salem, OR

Owner / Designer / Timber Framer / Sales

Stephen came from a broad background in woodworking that included furniture making, cabinetry, timber frame construction, and residential carpentry. With a passion for woodworking and experience working for others, Stephen went into business for himself. He wears many hats: boss, designer, timber framer, sawyer, errand boy, and self-promoter. Stephen was introduced to timber framing in a job working with a team of Belgian draft horses and a portable sawmill.

Being a business owner means Stephen is never really "off' work these days. But he does make time for enjoying the outdoors with his wife, Chanda, and three daughters, Katelynn, Marenn, and Lorinn. Spending time on the Chattooga River and hunting are other favorite activities.

Tweaking a timber frame joint during raising


Ben Loveland

Head Timber Framer / Workshop Manager / Designer

Ben is a long-time woodworker with tremendously varied experience. He began his journey with theatrical carpentry, building sets and props for the University of Mississippi. After graduation, Ben turned his interest toward home building. Involvement in every aspect of residential carpentry led Ben to timber framing. He considers this time honored craft to be the ultimate embodiment of beauty, strength, and tradition in woodworking.

Outside of work, Ben stays busy with his wife, Beth, and their three kids. Their home showcases beautiful custom furniture he makes in his spare time. Ben and Beth are a musical couple and can be heard performing around towns in Northeast Georgia. Ben is an avid kayaker and is on the Chattooga River as often as possible.


Timber framer

Timber Framer

A native of central Florida, Ethan moved to the Upstate in 2001 to begin raft guiding on the Chattooga River.  After 15 years of being broke, he joined the MoreSun team and said he can better afford things now!

Ethan enjoys fishing, boating, hiking and being at the river. He and his wife Kelly are having fun with their Golden Retriever, Milly, and are the proud new parents of Owen, born in November, 2018.



Timber Framer

J is from Charleston, SC and attended the American College of the Building Arts. originally interested in fine furniture, a friend in the timber framing program converted him and we're the beneficiary!

J is a multifaceted musician and an avid rock climber. Now that he's settled down in Long Creek we've introduced him to boating and the Chattooga River.


Timber Framer

Jed joined the MoreSun team in May 2018. A native of Murfeesboro, TN, Jed worked for a general contractor and at a sawmill in high school. The Chattooga River lured him to Long Creek and he began raft guiding at Southeastern Expeditions where he met Jeremy and Ethan.

Timber framing sounded interesting and Jason is quickly learning new skills. He enjoys kayaking and spending time outdoors, which means he fits right in with the rest of the crew. Jed and his wife, Emily, and their dog, Dixie, are happy to be making Long Creek their home.


Nick Tutino

Timber Framer

Nick grew up in Maryland, then spent six years in the Navy working on submarines. He picked up woodworking as a hobby, and began working in construction after leaving the Navy.

Working at MoreSun is Nick's first introduction to timber framing, but he quickly has become a valued member of the team. Nick lives across the river in Georgia, and we'll be getting him on the river this summer!



Timber Framer

Sage is originally from nearby Toccoa, Georgia. She has worked in whitewater programs, construction, and most recently in a cabinet shop. Recruited for us by Jed while boating together on the Chattooga River, Sage was ready for something new and knew timber framing would be interesting.

An experienced boater and climber, Sage also enjoys motorcycle riding. She and her fiance Alexandra and their two dogs now call Long Creek home. (Interesting side note, the family lives in what was once Jeremy Sander's home! )


Walker Watson

Timber Framer

Walker grew up in Waynesboro, Georgia. He's worked in the trades for the past ten years. Walker attended the American College of the Building Arts for two years, focusing on timber framing and general construction. Work as an itinerant timber framer took him to Wyoming, Montana, and now here! Providing MoreSun with a shop dog (see below) is an added bonus to the well-honed skills Walker provides the team.

Hiking, playing guitar and banjo, and learning how to roll a kayak are what you'll find Walker doing when he's not at work.  


carol greenberger

Office Manager / Website & Marketing

Carol has been managing offices and keeping books since college. She was the MoreSun bookkeeper from almost our first day in business. Now she is our full-time Office & Marketing Manager; keeping the books, working on the MoreSun website, writing newsletters, and getting us into the world of social media. 

Carol lives right down the road from the office with her husband Sean and their two dogs. She enjoys hanging out at and on the river, creating art, walking in the woods, and swimming.



Head Dog

Shady takes her job responsibilities of nap manager, tail wagger, and morning greeter very seriously. Rumored in her puppyhood to be a German Shepherd, Shady refuses to accept the limitations of labels. "Call me what you'd like, just call me" is Shady's motto. And if you have a treat, all the better. 

Meet our past interns from the American College of the Building Arts

The Crew isn't all work and no fun.  We fit in skiing and rafting trips whenever we can!

MoreSun crew

Timber frame team (past & present): Rob, Ethan, Jeremy, Daniel, Carol, Stephen, Ben (son Abe), Bruce & Carlton

MoreSun crew

Timber frame team, spouses & friends

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