Kentucky Timber Frames

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Kentucky brings visions of bluegrass and horse farms, caves and rivers, bustling cities and serene woodlands. Your Kentucky timber frame might be a barn, a house with wide inviting porches, a gazebo on the water or a pavilion for family gatherings. The warmth and beauty of wood will reflect the atmosphere of this welcoming state.

Kentucky timber frames curved entry porch truss

Kentucky Highlighted Cities and Regions

Daniel Boone Country

Southeastern Kentucky is home to the Natural Bridge, the Red River Gorge and Cumberland Falls, known as the "Niagara of the South." The exploration and settlement of this region made Daniel Boone a legend of American history, and the national forest bearing his name embraces rugged terrain waiting to be discovered . Rich with natural beauty and outdoor activities, this region is perfect for a timber frame home to venture out from, or a porch to kick back and relax on.

Northern River Region

A river region certainly calls out to us at MoreSun. While we're mostly interested in the paddling opportunities, the riverfront cities of Covington and Newport beckon us with riverside dining, entertainment and shopping. State parks full of historical significance, numerous covered bridges, and the Kentucky Speedway add to the list of activities available in this region. And let's not forget the bourbon distilleries! A timber frame cabin would make a sweet home base for exploring this area.


South Central Cave Country

Mammoth Cave is probably the most well known cave in Kentucky. Home of the world's longest cave system with 400 miles explored so far, Mammoth Cave has been a national park since 1945. Seven additional "show caves" also can be found in this region, offering attractions including an underground boat tour. Is it surprising that this region is also home to the National Corvette Museum, where a sinkhole swallowed 8 Corvettes in 2014? A timber frame carport minus the sinkhole would be ideal.

Horse Country

Legendary horse farms in the Bluegrass region and Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky derby, give this state it's well deserved reputation as horse central. Whether you're a horse rider or not, there's no disputing the beauty of green pastures full of these majestic animals. A timber frame barn would be the perfect place to house your equine friends or your vehicles or your workshop.

What do you want for your future Kentucky timber frames?

timber frame barn model
timber frame pavilion Pine Mtn
Pine Mountain pavilion
Rebuilt timber frame pavilion