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FAQs: Timber Frame Questions & AnswersWhat can be built with a timber frame?Timber framing is a good choice for almost any type of building. New homes, additions, outbuildings, porches, pergolas, pavilions, barns, roof trusses, stairs, commercial structures and boat houses … Continued

Timber Frame or Post and Beam?

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Timber frames are sometimes categorized as post and beam. Is there a difference? The short answer, especially according to timber framers, is yes. Not that we discount post & beam construction, but we know what it takes to craft a … Continued

Timber Species

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The most commonly used wood in timber frames are listed below with a description of their characteristics and benefits. The cost of material varies between timber species. Availability, sustainability and suitability, as well as aesthetics, are other factors to consider … Continued

Natural “Live Edge” Timbers

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Including natural timbers, also called live edge timbers, in your timber frame adds visual interest. They emphasize the connection to the trees used to create it. When the timber comes right from your build site it’s even more special. Poplar … Continued

Curved Timbers

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The dictionary defines a curve as a change from a straight line or shape into a smooth, rounded one. We define a curve as a method to add visual interest and personality to your timber frame.     Whether you … Continued

Homeowner Questions

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Building a house is an exciting, scary, satisfying and sometimes frustrating endeavor. The more you prepare in advance the more you can ensure an enjoyable process. Before even sitting down with a designer, an architect, a timber framer or a … Continued

For Architects

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The role of architect is critical for home building projects. A working knowledge of timber framing offers will allow you to integrate the structural strength this traditional method of building offers into your plans from the beginning stages of design. … Continued

SIPs in Timber Frames

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Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are often used in timber frame building. They are panels consisting of a rigid insulated foam core sandwiched between two structural boards. SIPs are strong, cost effective and energy efficient. While the cost of SIPs themselves … Continued