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Stephen, MoreSun's owner, is active in the building industry, promoting the craft of timber framing. By staying current with our industry affiliations, attending meetings and conferences, we work to increase the understanding of timber framing by related trades. This helps ensure smoother working relationships and consequently, more successful project results for everyone involved.

Industry Affiliations include:​

  • Timber Framers Guild - Member since 2000, Director at Large 2015 - 2018
  • TFG Children's Discovery Workshop - Leader 2006 - 2012

TFG Children's Discovery Workshops

The Timber Framers Guild is a non-profit organized for education purposes. The Guild's mission is "to provide training programs for timber framers, disseminate information about timber framing and timber frame building design, display the art of timber framing to the public, and serve as a general center of timber framing information for the professional and general public alike."

The Timber Framers Guild offered children's workshops at the annual conference for many years. Stephen led the workshop for seven years, helping teach the kids traditional timber frame methods and use of hand tools.

In a day and a half the groups participated in cutting and erecting a play structure that would be sold at the conference auction.

Educational and fun for all, the kids and adults came away with a sense of pride and an appreciation of timber framing.

Climbing wall play structure

Climbing wall play structure

Children's Workshop at Timber Framers Guild conference
Timber framing

Timber Framers Guild Community Projects

The Guild partners with other non-profit organizations to build several timber framed community projects each year. Ranging from a cow barn at a camp in Vermont to a Synagogue roof in Poland, the projects are built with the Guild's proven model of community-fueled construction. Led by professionals and crewed with experienced as well as novice members and community volunteers, the projects offer a hands-on educational opportunity for everyone involved.

Blacksmith Shop Annex

In 2009 members of the TFG, community members, students and volunteers began cutting a timber frame at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. Stephen served as one of the projects leaders. The 50 x 50-ft. White Pine timber frame serves as a workshop annex to the blacksmith shop.

Raised behind the existing blacksmith shop, the annex houses a spacious work area to accommodate large-scale pieces as well as classrooms and a library.​ The dramatic high ceilings allow for passive cooling ventilation.

The Yellow Pine curved timbers used in the entrance truss were harvested in Long Creek, South Carolina, and were donated by MoreSun. Nestled between two historic grain silos, the timber frame entrance and clerestory roof allow natural light into the space below.

The first class was taught in the new structure in 2010.

Additional photos:

Blacksmith Shop / John C. Campbell flickr


Building the Timber Frame Forge at the Folk School / You Tube

TFG timber frame project blacksmith shop

Salem Rotary Centennial Pavilion

In 2005 Timber Framers Guild members along with community and industry volunteers cut and raised a complex pavilion on the waterfront in Salem, Oregon. The 42 x 42-ft. clear span structure was donated to the Riverfront Park by the Salem Rotary Club and it serves as a public shelter, used for family reunions, company picnics and other outdoor events.

The Douglas Fir timber framed pavilion is a large complex roof system supported by four masonry columns. Complex compound joinery made this project an interesting learning experience for all the timber framers involved.

Another unusual aspect of raising the timber frame was the use of multiple cranes. One large crane held the massive center post and a second smaller crane carried the other pieces into place. The complexity of the lifting and rigging on this project was a once in a lifetime learning experience for many of the participants. Stephen is grateful he was able to work as a volunteer on this project.

Additional information: TFG Project Portfolio

timber frame guild project salem, OR

Additional Industry Affiliations:

  • Timber Frame Business Council - Member since 2000, Board of Directors 2009 - 2015
  • Timber Frame HQ
  • Timber Framers Guild/TFBC Southeastern Meetup - Hosted by MoreSun November 2013
  • Georgia Mountain Jubilee - Promoting building trades in NE GA; Chairman 2013 & 2014
  • Georgia Mountain Home Builders Association - Member since 2005
  • Oconee Home Builders Association - Member since 2006
  • Westminster Chamber of Commerce - Member since 2010, Board of Directors since 2013
  • Rabun County Chamber of Commerce - Member since 2010
  • Alabama Folk School - Timber Frame Instructor 2009