Barn Raising

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Traditional timber frame barn raising for a client in Indiana

This timber frame barn raising project was a joint (pun intended) effort between MoreSun and another timber frame company.  Part of the frame was cut by one of our colleagues. We cut the rest in our shop in South Carolina.  

The large white oak barn houses cars and a work shop. One section of the barn features three cuploas. The other bay showcases a monitor, a raised structure running along the ridge for light and ventilation. Additional space, up a flight of timber framed stairs, will provide storage.

The timbers just kept coming...and our shop yard was full for months. This job required 5 tractor trailers to haul and deliver our portion of the timbers to the site in Indiana.

We anticipated raising the structure in September 2015, but various things came up. The site wasn't ready for the timber frame barn raising until January 2016.  Brrrr!  Our crew was pretty frosty by the time the roof was on and it was time to head home.

In September 2016 we went back to Indiana to install the stairs and cut custom braces for a shed roof out of Osage Orange.​

Daniel during barn raising

Beautiful blue skies during raising, but a winter storm was headed their way...

Here's a look at our part of the timber frame barn raising project from shop to site: 

Indiana timber frame barn cutting begins
Fit up begins
Stacking timbers in preparation to raise frame
Chain mortiser
Jeremy hard at work
Lowering a beam onto the frame
Daniel and Jeremy placing a timber
Flying timbers
Getting the barn under roof
Roof decking
Barn siding going on
Timber frame barn
Mortises cut
Timber frame joinery detail
Ethan happy to be on tractor
Monitor section ready to be raised
Timbers stacked and ready for raising
Crane lifting bent during raising
Jeremy prepping for next beam
Ben on the man lift
Ben in a cupola
Interior details
Crew and owner
Barn dried in
Timbers in the shop
Timber frame joinery
Sanding timbers before raising
Working on roof monitor
Timber frame barn truss
Timber frame being raised
Whacking pegs in timber frame barn
First cupola being placed
Roof decking going on barn
Snowstorm on site
Timber frame barn raised
Timber frame barn
Cutting timber for stairs
Osage orange log for brace
Staircase framed in
Osage braces for shed roof
Stairs in timber frame barn
Osage orange timber frame braces
Timber framed stairs completed
Shed roof with osage orange braces