Our Shops

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We operate out of two locations and three buildings in upstate South Carolina.

Timber Frame Workshops

For our first 11 years we worked in what is now our furniture workshop. When we outgrew that space we moved our timber frame workshop to a location a few miles away in the heart of Long Creek, South Carolina. Being on a main road gives passersby the chance to see timber frames taking shape when we test fit joinery out front. Having a second location gave us room inside and out to cut, fit, stack, and store timbers for several frames at once.

MoreSun timber frames sign
MoreSun Workshop test fit
timber frame porch roof during fit up
assembling timber frame in yard

In 2018 we began to outgrow what we had thought was a large space. Stephen came up with a great idea! Pour a large slab (60'x100'), set four shipping containers along the edge to use for storage, add roof trusses and a roof, and a new shop was born. With plenty of open space for unloading tractor trailer trucks and maneuvering large timbers around, the new open-air shop has become the favorite place to work. 

Building new container shop
MoreSun new timber frame workshop

The addition of a new sawmill has expanded our offerings. Contact us about custom milling and what we can do for you.

custom milled timber

​Office Headquarters & Furniture Workshop

moresun shop

Our headquarters in Mountain Rest, SC is less than 5 minutes from our timber frame shop.

For over a decade this location served as our office, timber frame and woodworking shop. With a sawmill on site we can mill trees from your building site. The timbers can be used in your timber frame home. We can also re-cut reclaimed timbers and create custom timber accents.

Our office is still located here, but now the shop space is dedicated to building custom furnishings.

In the furniture shop painting wooden clock faces for church steeple restoration

Sawmill at MoreSun Custom Woodworking

We have a sawmill on the property, which allows us to create custom features.

Office & Mailing address:

463 Charlie Cobb Road  Mountain Rest, SC 29664

Even though it’s become commonplace to claim your company is “GREEN”, we are proud of the environmental efforts we have made since opening for business in 2002.

We built our office headquarters to be energy efficient.

The roof is insulated with structural insulated panels (SIPS) which gives it a very high R-value. The walls are insulated with recycled, blown-in cellulose, and the exterior is sided with locally harvested white pine.

The upstairs office flooring is cork, which comes from the outer bark of the Cork Oak tree and does not require the felling of the tree. Our building is heated by an outdoor wood burning furnace that uses wood scraps from ongoing projects.

Perhaps the most exciting technology employed by MoreSun is the solar-electric system that generates power to our office and furniture workshop. We are able to produce approximately 75% of our electrical power needs from a 3,600 watt, grid-connected photovoltaic system. We have free standing solar panels on a hill near our workshop; and the south-facing side of our shop roof is also fitted with panels. The building houses a grid inter-tie inverter that seamlessly switches back and forth from our solar panels to the power grid, depending on the electrical demand on the system and the amount of sun in the sky at any particular time. Oftentimes we sell excess electricity generated by our system back to the local utility. We have a supply of batteries to serve as back up if the utility power is down due to storms or the annual ice event.

 We believe our commitment to quality construction and the environmental impact of the work we do are evident in our approach to business.

We use reclaimed wood, locally harvested timber and natural finishes whenever possible. We pride ourselves on working with homeowners to build energy efficient homes, while we produce quality timber frames and wooden furnishings that will last several lifetimes.