Dewees Island Home

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Dewees Island is a private barrier island, north of Charleston, South Carolina. The island is accessible only by ferry, which makes building a timber frame interesting! Transporting Materials All of the timbers, SIPs, workers, equipment and tools rode the ferry … Continued

Floating Gazebo

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Raising a timber framed gazebo on a floating dock in Alabama required math skills and equilibrium! The Cypress octagonal gazebo required some different layout. We cut the five-sided posts on our sawmill, along with the six-sided “boss pin.”Boss pin is … Continued

Lake House Porch

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Timber Frame Porch RaisingThis home on Lake Hartwell in Georgia was enhanced with a Yellow Pine timber framed entry porch. Here’s a look from test fitting in the shop to the timber frame porch raising on site. This small project … Continued

Ranch Entrance Gate Frame

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Adding an entrance gate to this Alabama ranch served several purposes.It allows the owner to control access, encloses the property and makes a strong statement. The Southern Yellow Pine ranch entrance timber frame gate structure was created with large posts … Continued

Great Room Addition

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This Atlanta, Georgia client needed more square footage and didn’t want to move. So a timber frame great room addition was the answer! The White Pine timber frame created a great room with central support posts that carry the roof … Continued

Before, During, After

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From stacks of timbers, to raisings, to finished timber frames, here is a brief glimpse into some of our projects. Before, during & after.Watching a stack of timbers arrive in the shop is always an exciting moment. First comes layout. … Continued

Hybrid Timber Frames

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Hybrid timber frames combine traditional timber framing with conventional stud frame building. You can choose to highlight a room or section of your home by using timber frame construction. Soaring ceilings and wide open living space can be created with … Continued

Lake Living

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Building a lakefront home makes a lot of choices obvious – seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors, lots and lots of windows, natural materials such as wood and stone, large open interior spaces designed for casual, family living. These homeowners … Continued

Accent Timbers

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Structural or decorative, accent timbers can create a focal point in your home or building. Pairing timbers with other building materials, such as sheet-rock, paneling, stone or brick, adds visual interest. Whatever your style is, we can craft accent timbers … Continued

Barn Raising

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Traditional timber frame barn raising for a client in IndianaThis timber frame barn raising project was a joint (pun intended) effort between MoreSun and another timber frame company.  Part of the frame was cut by one of our colleagues. We cut … Continued