Before, During, After

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From stacks of timbers, to raisings, to finished timber frames, here is a brief glimpse into some of our projects. Before, during & after.

Watching a stack of timbers arrive in the shop is always an exciting moment. First comes layout. Then the saws and chisels come out.

Hours and hours of cutting, checking measurements, more cutting.

Drilling peg holes, test fitting and tweaking, the finished timber frames take shape.

Raising is hard work, but really it's the reward - to see your efforts come to life.

founders chapel timbers in shop
founders chapel timber frame raising
Timber frame open air chapel

White Oak timber framed open air chapel with king post trusses, from shop to raising to completion in Georgia

tree for natural post in timber frame
poplar tree in timber frame home
poplar tree in timber frame great room

Poplar tree from South Carolina home site cut, crafted and raised for support post

timber frame truss ready to raise
timber frame pool pavilion during raising
Poolside timber frame pavilion

Douglas Fir timber framed poolside pavilion during raising and completed in Atlanta

timbers in shop
boathouse timber frame complete
timber framed boat house with reflection

White Oak timber frame boathouse, hand-cut in shop and raised at lake home in Georgia


Cypress pavilion during fit up in shop, raised on site pool side, ready to be enjoyed in Georgia


Osage Orange timber hand-cut into a timber frame braces, installed on Indiana barn shed roof over entry door

timber frame trusses in shop
timber frame raising
timber frame interior

Douglas Fir timber frame, hammer beam trusses in shop, during the raising, and the home nearing completion


Eastern White Pine pavilion timbers ready to go, raised next to a creek in Mountain Rest, South Carolina complete with fireplace and pizza oven