Timber Framed Carports

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Whether you’re a car lover or just tired of scraping snow and blowing leaves off of your ride, timber framed carports enhance homes and increase their value. The selection of wood species and style can ensure that this outbuilding complements … Continued

Timber Framed Boathouses

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Boat owners know – keeping your boat protected from the elements helps ensure it will last longer and decreases wear and tear. Storage is always needed for your boating gear, and having a place in the shade to hang out … Continued

Timber Framed Pavilions

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In architecture a pavilion is defined as an open covered structure, either free-standing or attached to a main building. Often found in parks or gardens, pavilions provide shelter and shade, while maintaining an outdoor experience. Timber framed pavilions can be … Continued

Timber Framed Pergola

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A timber framed pergola can be a welcome addition to your yard, garden or any outdoor space. A pergola hints at a destination, whether it’s used as a passageway or a seating area. Choosing timber framing for your pergola ensures … Continued

Natural “Live Edge” Timbers

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Including natural timbers, also called live edge timbers, in your timber frame adds visual interest. They emphasize the connection to the trees used to create it. When the timber comes right from your build site it’s even more special. Poplar … Continued

Barn Home

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This barn home was crafted from a dairy barn built in the 1850s in southeastern Indiana. The timber frame barn was built with a wide variety of hand hewn timbers. Chestnut, walnut, beech, white oak, red oak, poplar and maple … Continued

Portfolio of Selected Work

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We showcase some of our timber frame projects in our Portfolio of Selected Work. Want a copy? Complete the form below request a FREE pdf version of our portfolio  Save Save Save Save