Accent Timbers

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Structural or decorative, accent timbers can create a focal point in your home or building. Pairing timbers with other building materials, such as sheet-rock, paneling, stone or brick, adds visual interest. Whatever your style is, we can craft accent timbers to complement your existing house, or to be included in a new build. You can add the warmth of wood and a natural element to any space with custom timbers.

Featured Accent Timbers

douglas fir ceiling trusses

These Douglas Fir structural timbers highlight the domed ceiling in the tower.

A winding staircase leads up and makes this a beautiful focal point.

duck-bottom-plantation-lodge decorative timbers

Decorative timbers added during renovation of a hunting lodge creates an old world feeling

exterior porch cypress-timbers

Cypress structural accent timbers and trusses give this stone house a complete face lift


Osage Orange was chosen as the accent timber on this project. The shed roof over an entrance to this timber framed barn provides shelter and protection from the elements.

Picking a wood species is important in accent timbers, as well as the design.


Antique hand hewn Oak was used to create structural timber frame trusses for a home in Texas. The beauty of this old reclaimed wood will certainly make a statement, and serve as a reminder of a time past. We used some interesting techniques to cut the joints in these uneven, not square timbers.


Decorative White Pine ceiling timbers


Accent truss faux finished to complement ceiling

accent beam in timber frame home

Using one natural beam as a focal point makes this stairway feel like a destination!

accent detail in timber frame porch truss

King Post decorative detail complements the curved braces and bottom chord

ceiling accent truss detail
bathroom accent timbers

White Pine interior decorative timbers were distressed and glazed for a beautiful antique finish by local artists at Veronica Anns, Inc., giving this home old world charm and elegance

decorative ceiling beams

Eastern White Pine King Post decorative trusses add interest to the kitchen in this newly constructed home. Flat decorative beams were chosen as a feature for the home office.

antique timber trusses
decorative antique timber trusses

Antique timbers were chosen for these King Post trusses, to give this new home a warm, historic look.

Your work is incredible and I appreciate the love you and your team have for your product and service.


Homeowner / The Cliffs, Lake Keowee

Non-structural timber trusses and accents are another way to add your own unique style to any room of your home or building. Give us a call today for more information!