Great Room Addition

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This Atlanta, Georgia client needed more square footage and didn't want to move. So a timber frame great room addition was the answer!

The White Pine timber frame created a great room with central support posts that carry the roof system.

Raising the first bent of the timber frame addition

A crane is used to raise the timbers and position them so the joinery is almost lined up

Timber framers guide the mortise and tenon connections into alignment

Safety harnesses are an important piece of equipment

Timber frame roof structure in place

The great room is framed by the timber frame

Timber frame great room addition is completed and the job is turned over to the contractor

The homeowners asked themselves several important questions before starting this process. Do we need more space? Yes! Do we want to move? No!

Once they decided that a home addition was the solution they moved into design questions. They chose a hybrid design, using a timber frame structure for the central, great room space and timber frame trusses for the roof structure. This allowed for an open space and soaring ceiling with visual impact.

Thinking about your needs and desires, and becoming familiar with the building process before starting helps it all go smoothly!