Timber Framed Pergola

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A timber framed pergola can be a welcome addition to your yard, garden or any outdoor space. A pergola hints at a destination, whether it's used as a passageway or a seating area.

Choosing timber framing for your pergola ensures strength and longevity.  Your pergola can be any dimension and size you want, designed to complement any style.


We have designed and built timber framed pergolas to be used in wedding ceremonies. The timber frame can then be moved to your home where you can enjoy it and be  reminded of your special day.

You can add a roof to your pergola to create a garden shelter. Adding seats or benches will give you a quiet spot to read a book or enjoy your morning coffee.

Timber Framed Pergola Plan


We designed this timber framed pergola plan with a wing on each side to add dimension and visual interest. The King Post trusses and curved knee braces soften the lines of the timber frame. The rafter tails curves and contrasting pegs complete the look.

A timber framed pergola can easily be decorated with flowers and greenery for wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

Timber frame pergola family photo

At your home a timber framed pergola is a perfect spot to plant climbing flowers, vines or grapes. You can frame a view, mark a passage between two areas, create an outdoor refuge. The choice of wood species and design allows you to enjoy a unique timber frame for years to come.

Start by thinking about where you would like to add an outdoor living space. How do want to use it? What's your budget? Take a look at some frequently asked questions we've answered, and some of the more common wood species available. The truss design can vary based on your style and preference. All of these considerations can be taken into account when we design your timber frame.

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