Natural “Live Edge” Timbers

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Including natural timbers, also called live edge timbers, in your timber frame adds visual interest. They emphasize the connection to the trees used to create it.

When the timber comes right from your build site it's even more special.

Poplar tree on site is selected and cut down

We cut the tree to length and moved it, next step is stripping off the bark

We used the Poplar post as an integral part of the timber frame

Placement was picked to create a focal point in the great room

Poplar is readily available in the eastern United States. This makes it an economical and viable option, although it has a lower density than other more commonly used species. Many home sites in this region will have Poplars on them that can be considered for using in a timber frame structure. Using timber from your build site is generally not a big cost savings, due to the work involved, but it definitely makes a statement piece and creates a sense of pride and ownership.

We cut this Poplar timber on our sawmill to give it two flat sides before going in the frame as a beam.

The transformation of this timber from a tree cut on the site, to being cut on the sawmill, to its placement in the timber frame, and finally to its spot in the finished home tells a story that the homeowner will enjoy sharing!

White Pine post from tree harvested on site

Yellow Pine post from site

Locally harvested Yellow Pine

Natural curves, organic edges, forked branches, knots and twists all create a sense of delight and fun.

mortise being cut into cypress log post
cypress log timber frame

Live edge or natural timbers can be included in your home as an integral part of your timber frame or in a custom woodwork detail. You can evoke memories of childhood tree climbing and experience the calming effect of nature right in your own home.

Contact us to talk about adding natural timbers to your home or business!