Timber Framed Pavilions

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In architecture a pavilion is defined as an open covered structure, either free-standing or attached to a main building. Often found in parks or gardens, pavilions provide shelter and shade, while maintaining an outdoor experience. Timber framed pavilions can be any shape or size. Simple or complex in design, a timber frame pavilion can be a casual gathering place or an elegant outbuilding.

We have cut and raised timber frame pavilions for a wide variety of uses. Next to a pool or lake, a pavilion gives you a place to get out of the sun and relax. A covered area for storage and protecting your outdoor furniture is another plus.

Outdoor kitchens are also a popular use for pavilions. ​Especially in our southern climate, cooking outside helps keeps your house cool. Being under roof means you can cook outside even in the rain. Adding a pizza oven or fireplace will make your pavilion even more special!

A beautiful spot, surrounded by nature, makes a perfect location for a pavilion. Whether you want a timber framed pavilion for a wedding, cooking or just hanging out, we know that getting outside is good for our bodies, brains and souls.

lake timber frame pavilion

Featured Timber Framed Pavilions


Cypress timber frame pavilion

lakeside pavilion

Eastern White Pine creek side  pavilion

timber frame pavilion

Lake Burton, GA community pavilion offers the perfect spot to relax in the shade after a day of boating.


This outdoor kitchen pavilion was closed in on the side where the cabinets and appliances will go to protect them from the elements.


Pavilion serves as auxiliary space at church for weddings & worship


Outdoor kitchen pavilion

community center pavilion
community timber framed pavilion

Long Creek, SC Community Center picnic pavilion

timber framed pavilion next to creek

Secluded pavilion

fireplace in timber framed pavilion

Complete with stone fireplace & pizza oven

timber frame pavilion outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen pavilion includes grill and sink

outdoor living timber frame pavilion

Located between the house & fire pit for easy access

Sheffield Island timber frame pavilion raising

Island pavilion being raised

Douglas fir timber frame pavilion

Sheffield Island timber frame offers a shady spot for picnics

We would love to talk to you about your future timber framed pavilion. Give us a call!