Pavilion Raising

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This pavilion raising was actually a repeat job. Some years ago we cut and raised this timber frame pavilion for Caylx Farms, a wedding and event venue in upstate South Carolina. Recently the owners contacted us. A change in their business plan meant they no longer used the pavilion and they wondered if we might know anyone who would want to purchase it. We were happy that we were able to find a buyer for them. We dismantled the timber frame and then raised it (again) at Whetstone Place, a nearby upstate South Carolina wedding and event venue. And so, our repeat pavilion raising began on a cold, gray winter day, with a snow storm on the way......

Pavilion Raising

caylx timber frame pavilion
timber frame pavilion strapped ready to come down
timber frame pavilion raised at new site

From Caylx Farms, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to Whetstone Place, close to the Chattooga River, this timber frame pavilion has served as a beautiful wedding venue for many couples. The new owner cleaned and sanded the aged timbers and plans to seal them to retain the lighter color.

timber frame bents ready to raise
timber frame stacked ready to be raised
cows in field watching timber framers waiting for the crane

First step in the pavilion raising: Layout the two fitted bents on site and stage the other timbers in the order they'll be used. Then we waited for the crane to arrive. And waited. And waited...... The cows seemed to find the entire process fascinating and they waited with us.

raising first bent in timber frame pavilion
first bent up during timber frame raising
pavilion raising

Crane arrived! A crane makes guiding the timber frame bents onto the piers much easier and safer. A skilled crane operator is worth the wait.

second bent in timber frame pavilion vertical
positioning second bent on piers in timber frame pavilion
connecting girt being placed on timber frame pavilion

With both bents raised the connecting girts are attached on each side. A girt is a horizontal structural member in a framed wall.

attaching timber frame purlins
timber frame raising audience of cows
timber frame pavilion raised

Next, the ridge beam at the top and the purlins are raised and placed in the timber frame. The purlins are the horizontal structural members in the roof that rest on the rafters. Purlins allow for a larger roof span and will support the weight of the roofing material if one is added.  One loyal cow never took his eyes off of us and gave us his snort of approval. As the last purlin went on the frame the sun broke through the clouds and after a gloomy, gray day we suddenly had gorgeous weather. Coincidence? You decide!

snow the next day at timber frame pavilion

A footnote: two days after the pavilion raising we had one of our rare South Carolina snowfalls.

Four inches is a lot for us and as long as it's gone in a few days we love it!

Finished timber frame pavilion
Timber frame pavilion at night

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