Raising a Timber Framed Community Barn

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Nestled at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, alongside the Saluda River,  is the 400 acre Riverstead community.  A focus on nature, sustainability, and community living, all within commuting distance to Greenville, South Carolina, makes this setting unique and special. We were excited to be a part of this vision by cutting and raising a timber frame community barn. 

timber frame barn model
timber frame plan
community signed timbers

A building project starts when we meet with our client to discuss their vision and what the timber frame's use will be. Next we design the frame and send the plans to the timber frame engineer. We spent weeks in the shop, cutting timbers and test fitting the frame of the community barn. Once we delivered it to the site community members gathered to sign timbers and watch some final cutting and mortising. 

cutting a timber post
cutting a mortise
chisel a tenon

Raising a Community Barn

peg in a timber frame joint
timber frame laid out on slab
raising second bent

With the bents assembled, we lay out  the frame on the slab in the order it will be raised. Watching the first bents of the timber frame go up is always exciting! The equipment we use for a raising depends on the size of the timber frame, as well as the type of job site. On this raising we used a crane, a forklift, and a scissor lift. 

rigging a bent
crane lifting bent
positioning post

Rigging timbers to be lifted during a raising takes skill and experience. Communicating clearly with the crane operator and having a crew who knows what needs to be done makes raisings go smoothly. The posts are set on specialized timber connectors that we installed in the concrete slab. 

timber frame raising
pulling bent into place
lifting a bent

As the frame goes together, knee braces are installed and we pound in the pegs that secure the timbers. 

timber frame raising
ready to put straps in place
final bent going into place
raising progress
timber frame barn progress
timber frame raising complete

Thanks to all of the preparations done in the shop and advance laying out of the frame on site, raising just takes a day. 

roof complete on timber frame barn
goats checking out the timber frame
community barn

We were so happy to see these pictures of roof on the barn and the community goats taking a look, thanks to Johannes Aartun, one of Riverstead's farmers. 

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