24 x 50 Barn Plans

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24x50 barn plan

Introducing our 24 x 50 barn plans:

This barn is designed to give you lots of options. The 1200 square foot ground level can be left wide open or divided into rooms or stalls. Whether you want to house animals, equipment, or people this plan offers space and flexibility.

The second level loft spans the 24' width and extends 12' deep. You can opt to increase the size as needed. Stairs can be placed in several locations, depending on your needs.

The 8/12 roof pitch is a good balance between ease of access and water and snow run-off.

Designed in-house, we can work to make these plans suit your needs! Give us a call or email info@moresuntimberframes.com today.

24 x 50 Barn with Loft

timber frame barn with loft
24 x 50 barn
timber frame ready to raise
timber frame barn raising
timber frame barn