• Hammer beam timber frame truss on porch
  • Natural post between kitchen and living room
  • Natural post in timber frame

Jawbone Cabin

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Vacation rental in Long Creek, South Carolina

This hybrid timber frame home is owned by the Chattooga River whitewater outfitter Wildwater, Ltd. It's a wonderful place for rafting guests to stay while on vacation! 

The hybrid construction combines conventional framing and timber framing. Cypress timbers were used on the exterior timber frame. The natural post in between the kitchen and great room was cut from a white pine harvested nearby. The interior staircase is crafted from red oak harvested on the building site.

Jawbone boasts a spacious recreational porch framed by a large white pine hammer beam truss. The timber frame truss allows the spacious porch to be wide open and is definitely a favorite gathering spot of all visitors.

Our scope of work was the timber frame itself. The home was finished by a local general contractor.


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red oak timber frame stairs

Red Oak staircase from timbers harvested on site

Natural post in timber frame kitchen

White Pine natural post separates the kitchen and dining area

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