Future Timber Framers

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Any time we have the opportunity to educate kids about timber framing and woodworking we're in! Stephen visited a local elementary school and the thank you notes made it all worthwhile. The kids were interested and excited, while worrying that Stephen wasn't getting work done because he was there with them. Maybe we have some future timber framers here?

Funny letter from kids about timber framing demonstration
Thank you note for woodworking demo for kids
School woodworking demonstration
Woodworking is cool letter
How wood works letter from kid
Elementary school kids thank you notes

More Information for Future Timber Framers

Other opportunities for hands on education have been Timber Framer Guild's workshops for kids. In these workshops the participants cut and erected several play structures that were auctioned at the TFG conferences.  

The Guild offers aspiring timber framers information on how to learn more, through membership, meetings and conferences, community projects, and apprenticeships. Another source of a wealth of timber framing information, as well as plans, can be found at Timber Frame HQ.