​Whether you need a set of trusses for a small cabin or a full timber frame home,
MoreSun can help you achieve the results you want.

A typical series of steps that occur during the timber framing process:

  1. Initial client meeting
  2. Architectural floor plans drafted
  3. Elevations and conceptual timber frame design
  4. Budgeting value engineering (if needed)
  5. Structural engineering and shop drawings
  6. Order timber
  7. Layout and cutting of each timber 
  8. Test fit frame and drill peg holes
  9. Finishing, usually sanding and oiling
  10. Delivery to site
  11. Assembly and raising
  12. Celebration!!!
  13. Enclosure of frame (either by MoreSun or others)
  14. Remainder of the home is completed by local General Contractor


Over the years we have created a team of designers, architects and engineers to work and consult with for each new project to meet
the needs of our clients.  

We now offer in-house timber frame design services. 

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A glimpse of MoreSun's part of the timber framing process:

Measuring a forked timber 

Laying out measurements on timbers

Cleaning a mortise joint

timber frame raising day

Test fitting a timber frame in the shop

timber frame raising day

Timbers assembled on site and ready for raising

timber frame raising day

Raising a timber frame on site

timber frame raising day

Attaching whetting bush after raising​

timber frame raising day

Crew after long days of raising a timber frame

timber frame raising day

Roofing a new barn timber frame