Winter 2022 Timber Tidbits

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MORESUN Timber Tidbits

Winter brought us the full-on crazy mode we were anticipating in fall!

Our current projects are all nearby which makes juggling them a lot easier, and we're getting things done.

Here's a look at some of what's been happening ~


The MoreSun Team

Click here to read our complete timber framing newsletter. Here's a sneak peek at some of the featured projects.

timber frame stairs
timber frame stairs installed

We recently started using a new process to create closed housing, open tread stairs. Read more on the newsletter and watch the process here

timber framed curved doorway

One of the projects in the works includes this curved interior doorway.

carport timber frame

The carport mentioned in the fall newsletter is complete and the homeowner loves it!

timber frame shop in snow

Snow is a big deal in the south and we got to enjoy some for a couple of days this month.

February Trivia

At the Takhini Hot Springs in Yukon, Canada they hold an annual Hair Freezing Contest. Check out these pictures of past winners!

The Saxons offered cakes to the gods in February as a charm for making fields fertile. So, honor that bit of history with cake, and feel free to share with us.

We found some trivia about the Super Bowl coin toss - check out the full newsletter for that and more!

For the rest of these stories and more, click here to go to the full newsletter.