Timber Framed Porches

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Porches tell the story of our lives. We gather with family and friends on our porches.

We shell beans, read a book, share a swing, steal our first kiss on porches.

We wave to neighbors, take a nap, sip iced tea and listen to the rain on them.

Porches offer shade, a connection to nature and additional living space, as well as protection from the elements.

timber_frame_porch outdoor living

Timber framed porches can be added to an existing home or included when planning a new home. Large or small, front or back, your porch can serve as a dining area or a spot to just sit and relax. It can serve as a covered exterior connection between different areas of your home. Additionally, a timber frame porch can provide a good method for adding usable outdoor living space on a sloped lot.

Timber frames allow for wide open spaces and bring the warmth of wood to the exterior of your house. Shielding doors and windows from the weather increases the life and energy efficiency of them and above all, protects your investment as well.

A timber framed porch can be designed to complement your style and your home. The choice of wood species and truss design can make a huge difference in the final look. We have created many timber framed porches, and as a result our experience will make your project go smoothly.

Featured Timber Framed Porches

Side covered porch

Hammer beam truss creates a focal point

timber frame back porch

Private side porch off of bedroom

large covered timber framed  porch

Adding a ceiling fan is a great idea!

large timber frame back porch

Timbers creates a nice contrast to this home's siding

Porches and decks offer one of the highest returns on investment in home improvement projects. Timber framed porches give you a way to enjoy the beauty of timber framing, whether your house is timber framed or not. Would you like to add a timber frame front porch or back porch to your home? We're ready to discuss your project today!