Timber Framed Decks

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A deck expands your living space.

It's where you grill, where you hang out, where you put your umbrella and lounge chair.

If that's not reason enough, it offers one of the highest return on investments in home improvements. Timber frame decks add beauty as well as function to your home.

Featured Timber Frame Decks

cypress timber frame back deck and stairs

This eighty-three foot long deck features natural cypress posts for support and creates ample covered storage underneath

deck on timber frame converted barn

Back and side decks provided stable, level work surfaces during the raising of this timber frame barn converted to a home

cypress deck

Large, open deck offers enough space for a table and chairs, with room left to comfortably move around them

timber frame deck with curved railing

Curves can add interest to a timber frame deck and this railing offers a nice visual contrast to the straight lines of the house

privacy pergola on deck

This homeowner chose a timber frame pergola to provide privacy on the back deck

No matter the size, timber frame decks are a home improvement you won't regret. Usually folks ask themselves why they waited so long!

MoreSun has the experience and knowledge to make sure that's your reaction, too.

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