Timber Frame Cabin – Compact Size, Hand Raising

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Most of our timber frame raisings require equipment, such as forklifts, man lifts, and cranes. We were able to hand raise this 544 square foot timber frame cabin , using only a roustabout material lift. The property is surrounded by national forest and a nature preserve. It was nice to be in the woods listening to birds instead of  noisy equipment (especially the constant beeping that comes with the equipment)! 

Cabin frame fit up in shop
First bent raised
Back wall of timber frame cabin raised

The eastern white pine timbers were cut and test fit in the shop. On site, the two long walls were assembled on the sub-floor, then lifted into place and secured.  Next to go up were the two shorter sides, followed by the cabin's shed roof rafters. 

Raising a timber frame cabin
Installing beams using a roustabout
Roustabout lifting beam in timber frame cabin

Once the cabin frame was complete, we installed spruce tongue and groove ceiling boards. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) and metal will complete the cabin's roof.

Progress on timber frame raising
T&G going on timber frame cabin
T&G ceiling complete

We brought a crane in for installing the SIPs. Each custom panel weighed between 500 - 900 pounds. They made quick work of closing the timber frame cabin in and getting it ready for windows, doors and the metal roof.

Installing SIPs with crane
SIPs in timber frame cabin
Timber frame cabins SIPs

Next up were the southern yellow pine porches on both the front and back of the timber frame cabin. We'll be back for visits to see the project progress!

timber frame cabin porch
timber frame cabin back porch