Custom Timber Framed Bed

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Traditional timber framing methods can be used in creating furniture pieces, as well as buildings. We designed this timber framed bed frame to gain its strength from the pegged mortise and tenon joinery. Its beauty comes from the design and the combination of wood species.

We chose Poplar for the bed posts. The straight grain and dark heartwood streaks create a striking contrast.

The top and bottom rails of the head and foot boards are crafted from Black Walnut. The lighter area in each is sapwood, the outer more recently formed layer between the heartwood and the bark of the tree.

We used Cherry for the panels to complete the color scheme of the bed and complement the other wood tones.

Black Walnut pegs create a nice contrast to the Poplar posts.‚Äč We wanted the pegs in this piece to be visible to highlight the timber frame construction.

Hand crafted furniture harks back to a day when pieces lasted a lifetime. You can hand them down to become family heirlooms. The beauty of custom furniture is that you can get exactly what you want. You chose the wood, the style, the finish, the size. We'll help with design suggestions and work with you until you have that one of a kind piece of your dreams.

We are proud of this custom timber framed bed and our client told us they couldn't be happier!