Bare Timber Frames

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Pictures of completed homes, outbuildings and other structures are wonderful to see. We can picture ourselves cooking in that kitchen, hanging out with family in that great room, or sitting on that porch. But there's no denying the beauty of bare timber frames. The construction is on display, the joinery is highlighted, and the pegs are the accents.

Understanding the theories, limits and possibilities of timber framing is critical to a successful build. Angles, geometry and math are key in timber frame construction. Knowing the properties of different wood species is a must.

The next crucial piece is quality craftsmanship. Knowing how to cut a timber frame isn't good enough, you have to be able to execute the plan correctly and with attention to detail. Experience is a key that can make all the difference in the results.

Flexibility and creativity are the final piece. Curves and details can be added, even the choice of wood species and finish of the pegs can change the look of a timber frame.

Of course we need a roof on most structures, but the sight of a blue sky behind a bare timber frame is something special.


Bare Timber Frames

timber framed gazebo misty lake
timber frame barn raising indiana

A bare frame displays the craftsmanship and hard work that went into creating it. Today's bare frames can't be distinguished from the frames the pioneers who settled America built. Our job with modern equipment certainly makes raisings timber frames easier though!

Timber frame under construction

We take pride in every timber frame we cut and raise, no matter the size or purpose.


A timber framing tradition, that goes back over a century, is the group photograph. Taken after the frame is completed, the picture serves as a reminder that everyone involved was a part of something that will outlast them.

And it celebrates the beauty of bare timber frames.