Fall 2022 Timber Tidbits

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MORESUN Timber Tidbits

Fall has kept us busy dodging rain and raising multiple frames.

We've worked in some beautiful places, at nearby lakes and in the mountains, and both shops are full of timbers and sawdust.

Here's a look at some of what's been happening ~

The MoreSun Team

Click here to read our complete timber framing newsletter. Here's a sneak peek at some of the featured projects.

preparing to raise cupola

Ben designed a hipped roof system with a cupola and a porch for a home on Lake Hartwell.

cupola raising

Check out this time lapse video of a portion of the raising. 

Multi-use frame with a view

This 56'x30' frame has one of the best views we've ever seen. Go to the full newsletter to see it!

Porch addition

Douglas fir four bent frame will feature a double sided fireplace and adjacent pool and hot tub.

Did You Know?

Have you ever heard of a sandbox tree, also known as the dynamite or monkey-no-climb tree? The Hura crepitans is a tropical tree from South America. Covered in sharp spines, the tree's thick red sap is toxic, causing rashes and temporary blindness if it gets in your eye. And then to top it off, there's the explosive seed reproductive strategy, violently sending its small gourd-like fruit through the air at a speed up to 155 mph. Look out below! One source noted "It is a tropical species which can also be kept as a houseplant." Um, no thanks.

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