24 x 24 King Post Plans

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This 24 x 24 king post timber frame could also be referred to as a post & plate with common rafters design or post and beam. Instead of the traditional king post struts connection to rafters, this frame utilizes knee braces from the king posts to the ridge. Two foot roof overhangs offer additional protection from the elements on this structure. The ridgeline soars to more than 16' with a standard 6 / 12 roof pitch, but can be altered if you prefer a different profile. Whether you leave this timber frame open or enclose it, you'll have no problem finding multiple uses for it.

This plan is also available in 18 x 24, and as a 14 x 12 timber frame with 4 posts.

24 x 24 King Post

24 x 24 King Post Plan
24 x 24 Timber Frame Plan
24 x 24 King Post Timber Frame
24x24 King Post Plan
King Post Plan
King Post Timber Frame
24 x 24 King Post frame

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