20 x 24 Timber Frame with Loft Plans

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Timber Frame Plan with Loft

This 20 x 24 timber frame offers so many possibilities. Whether you want a small home, vacation property, guest house, or workshop, the vaulted ceiling creates a sense of a much larger space.

The main level's 480 square feet of living space combines with a 240 square foot loft for a cozy efficient living plan. Your kitchen and bathroom can tuck nicely under the loft in back, leaving the open area for living and dining.

The frame is designed utilizing queen posts, creating the perfect layout for centered windows in the gable ends. Natural light will pour in and make the compact space feel even larger.

20 x 24 Timber Frame with Loft Plans

20x24 with loft plan
20x24 timber frame plan
20x24 Timber Frame Plan with Loft

Queen post trusses use two vertical supporting posts. The design  allows for a higher ceiling height which makes more usable, open space in the loft. We utilized queen post trusses in an Indiana barn, creating a wide open second floor loft.

Read a good description of a few different kinds of roof trusses here, written by a NJ firefighter and fire instructor.