16 x 24 Hammer Beam Pavilion

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This 16 x 24 hammer beam pavilion offers a lot of style along with its many possible uses. You can leave the timber frame open to serve as a pavilion, or enclose it for a cabin, guest house or workshop. Whatever you decide, the sculptural trusses and 16' ridge height will provide a dramatic beautiful space.

16 x 24 Hammer Beam Pavilion Plans

16x24 Hammer Beam Timber Frame Plan
16x24 Hammer Beam Timber Frame
Hammer Beam
Hammer Beam Timber Frame Plan
Hammer Beam Pavilion
16x24 Hammer Beam Frame

Hammer beam trusses were historically used in old style European cathedrals. The buildings gained their support from outer walls or embankments. The hammer beams, the short horizontal timbers, are supported by curved braces from the walls or posts. Hammer beam trusses can span a greater width without interior supports or a horizontal beam connecting the walls than other types of trusses. Today steel is often used in hammer beam trusses to add stability.

Jawbone Cabin's porch shows the beauty of the hammer beam design.