12 x 18 Post & Plate Timber Frame

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This 12 x 18 post & plate timber frame offers a different look than many of our other designs. If you prefer simpler, cleaner lines then this is the plan for you. However, simple doesn't mean boring. The plan includes plenty of interesting features. The plates are connected with scarf joints, which allows for shorter timbers  to be utilized. Scarf joints fit together like puzzle pieces  and are connected with pegs. Another interesting feature of this plan are the through tenons. Most of the time, a tenon is housed within another timber. A through tenon goes all the way through the timber it is housed in. The tie beams in this plan  are connected to the posts with a through tenon and wedge. This offers opportunities to create a striking connection by using a different material for the wedge. 

12 x 18 Post & Plate Plans

Post plate plan
12x18 Timber Frame Rafters
12x18 Timber Frame Plan
Timber frame through tenon
12x18 Post & Plate Plan

The 45 degree roof line of this timber frame gives it a classic profile. You could leave it open for a pavilion, or enclose it for a workshop, garden shed, or guest cabin. This plan is also available in sizes ranging from 12' x 12' to 12' x 24'.

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