12 x 12 Gazebo Plan

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This 12 x 12 gazebo will quickly become your favorite garden spot. Typically built with a hexagonal or octagonal-shaped roof , the structure features open sides and provides shade and shelter from rain. Screens, curtains, railings, or latticework can be added if you prefer. A gazebo can serve as a focal point, a destination, or a viewing platform. This plan features a 8/12 hip roof, allowing water and snow to run off easily. Add some chairs, a small table, your friends and family, and let's start enjoying the fresh air!

12 x 12 Gazebo

12x12 Gazebo
12x12 Timber Frame Gazebo Plan
12x12 Timber Frame Gazebo Rafters
Gazebo Plans

We cut this octagonal gazebo out of cypress, and raised it on a floating dock in an Alabama lake. The six-sided boss pin connects the rafters and the knee braces, and offers a focal point that can be customized.

timber frame gazebo T&G
Bare timber frames - gazebo misty lake
timber framed gazebo