10×10 King Post Truss Pavilion Plan

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King Post Truss detail

This 10' x 10' pavilion plan features king post trusses, one of the most cost effective styles of roof trusses.  The 12/12 roof pitch allows for ample height, and the 2 foot overhang offers additional protection from the sun and rain.

The versatile frame can be anything you want it to be, and its small size means you can tuck nicely in your garden. 

King Post Truss
King Post Truss Pavilion

This timber frame plan calls for smaller timbers, in keeping with the overall size.

Timber sizes range from 4 x 6 joists to 6 x 8 for the king posts.

Timber frame pavilion plan
10x10 King Post Truss Roof Plan
10x10 King Post Truss Plan